I recently took a wonderful lady to the pistol club to do some photos and some shooting and while I was there my favourite 'go to' lens, the Sigma 70-200 f2.8 finally gave up focus.  It's been in for repairs recently and they said if it goes again it will be unrepairable.  It's never been dropped and I'm a bit upset about losing it, so for now I'm saving like crazy to replace it, now for the big question, do I replace it with another Sigma or do I keep saving and buy a Canon lens?  I'm not interested in looking at a slower lens as I fell for the speed and love the DOF of the 2.8.  Well until that is replaced I'm back to the base lens the 24 - 105 f4 L I bought all those years ago,

I've been very lucky to meet and get to work with a young lady that I am hoping will start to feature on here soon, she calls herself Scarlett, considering she has no experience and is undeniably shy, she's got so much potential it's amazing, I'm just hoping I can do her justice and more importantly not push any boundaries that cause her to walk away from modelling.

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Not being a fan of wedding photography I choose to leave the proper stuff to photographers who want to specialise in it, I'm happy to do dress up shoots and as you can see shoot the photos that just don't get done in a normal everyday wedding shoot.

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