Model : Dollybeck

Vintage Vixen

Vintage Vixen as she called herself was Danielle, she loved all things vintage and absolutely loved the Damsel In Distress genre.  There no games, no playing around she wanted to do the shoot and we did it.  The photo above shows her actually restrained, arms bound, ankles bound in heels unable to move, she only got worried when I joked about the amount of bird droppings on the floor she'd fall into if she fell.
She was wonderful to work with.

Damsel In Distress

Laying on the disused railway tracks she can't move, the ropes pass through the tracks and she was actually comfortable, or so she said.  When I mentioned that she was starting to catch the sun meaning she'd actually get a tan she really started to fight with the bindings, that's how you put the damsel in distress.

Model : Vintage Vixen

Location : Mintaro, South Australia

Above we see latex rubber clad Mistress Electra, sitting in The Fetish Palace in Adelaide.  She is a wonderful lady who is creative and a great intelligent conversationalist.  Had a ball that day but I will admit, shooting in a room with so many mirrors can be a challenge if you don't want to see the big guy with the camera in the picture...

Below we see Adelaides own Mistress Rose, another beautiful, creative and intelligent lady who was an absolute treat to be able to work with.  She's captured here after the shoot was actually finished, we were sitting in her sitting room enjoying a quiet glass of wine and I couldn't resist sharing the beauty I was seeing.

I thank both Mistress Electra and Mistress Rose for releasing their images for my use as well as for trusting me to capture those images.