My fetish magazine shoot...

Many years ago I was speaking with a magazine editor who asked me to submit photos for her locally produced kink magazine, I was flattered, many excellent photographers had graced the cover and featured in spreads, this was going to be the same for me from what was planned.  Step one, find a model who's worthy and interested, meet Donna, a professional model who'd already featured on several covers, I reached out to her, she was going to be in my neck of the woods in a couple of weeks and when I explained the concept, she was interested.  Arrange make up / stylist and a space to shoot, my family room it would have to be, I was starting out and well, I was starting out.

Photos were submitted to the editor as per her instructions, then nothing...
I was sure I'd done something wrong and I couldn't understand what, these photos were along the lines of the magazine previous editions, they met the guidelines I'd been given and yet nothing.
Then the phone call no one wants to receive, the finance had dried up, the magazine wasn't able to continue being published, the editor had been fighting but when there's no money to pay for printing it was decided to pull the pin rather than go online only.
I was sad but had a ball that day with Donna, a true professional.

Donna loved those thigh high ballet boots, she wore them like a professional.

© Copyright Barrie Fitzgerald Photography