Super Creative People

Over the years I've been lucky enough to photograph some super creative people, either performers, artists or in some cases professional dominatrixes.  These are passionate, creative persons who were wonderful to work with.

Mistress Electra Amore in The Fetish Palace in Adelaide, South Australia

The collection below contains, professional dominatrixes, burlesque performers, internationally renownd models some of whom have been photographed on several continents in many different publications.  There's a cross dressing business owner, a make up artist, middle eastern dancer and a few others...

Sometimes the most creative people are those who create beliefs, the incredible lady above was known as Adelaides English Rose, while she worked as a sex worker she also worked as a dominatrix, she created fantasies for her customers, talking with her was incredible, the sheer amount of work she used to put into her 'experiences' was mindblowing.

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